Accounting & Consulting

CA Sanjive Baranwal

Welcome to Baranwal & Associates, an esteemed Management and Account Consulting firm founded by CA SANJIVE BARANWAL, a highly experienced Chartered Accountant with a professional tenure spanning over 25 years.

Our firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive professional services, including audit and assurance, financial planning, business advisory, tax consultancy, accounting services, manpower management, secretarial services, and more. With offices in Vapi, Gujarat we cater to a wide range of clients across diverse industries.

He is a Qualified Chattered Accountant with 25+ years of industry experience, In all the organisations that he has worked, he was always in the role of a finance head spearheading strategic direction, vision and leading organizations towards revenue growth and performance improvements. Successful at heading and managing financial operations.

He supports and nurtures growing businesses by helping them develop the management practices which enable good decision making. He works with startups, SMEs and larger businesses across many industries.

Sanjive provides a complete service to his clients, allowing them to maximise their overall income and minimise their overall tax by harmonising their corporate and personal finances. He works closely with colleagues in the tax, wealth and private client teams to provide a comprehensive service to his clients.

Sanjive advises his clients when they are making major decisions such as moving premises, hiring staff, capital expenditure and expanding their businesses. This is why, for many of his clients, he is their trusted adviser.

Rajesh Baranwal

Rajesh, having 30+ years is a conscientious, ambitious adviser who has worked his way up through hard work and a passion for what he does. He helps his clients to reach their goals.

Rajesh has enjoyed building his client base to a range of diverse and successful clients. He has been instrumental in advising a number of clients, from startups to rapidly evolving enterprises, working with them to turn plans into a reality.

  • Assisting start-ups with structures for fundraising
  • Supporting clients in achieving by providing sound, entrepreneurial, strategic advice
  • Implementing corporate and personal tax strategies to maximise client wealth